Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Download Aegisub 3.0.2 Subtitle Editor for Windows Full 2013

Download Aegisub 3.0.2 Subtitle Editor for Windows Full Direct Download, - Aegisub is a free, cross-platform open source tool for creating and modifying subtitles.

Aegisub features a built-in real-time video preview of the subtitles, along with many powerful tools for timing them to audio and manipulating their appearance. It is extensively used in fansubbing, the practice of creating or translating unofficial, noncommercial subtitles for visual media by fans. It is the successor of the original SubStation Alpha andSabbu.

The software is considered the standard in a well-known fansubbing group, and has been recommended in the online "Guide to Fansubbing".

It has been designed for timing and styling of subtitles, as well as the creation of karaoke. Aegisub's native subtitle format is Advanced SubStation Alpha text, which supports subtitle positioning and styling. The program also supports other common formats such as SubRip. Features include support for timing to both audio and video, and can use many video processing bindings to process those, such asFFmpeg and Avisynth. It can also be extended with the Lua, Perl and Ruby scripting languages.

In fansubbing terms, Aegisub is used for translating, timing, editing, typesetting, quality checking, karaoke timing and karaoke effecting. Although, many groups use different tools for some of those steps, such as Adobe After Effects for typesetting, or a simple text editor for translation.

Screenshot :

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Link 1 (installer)
Link 2 (installer)
Link 3 (portable)
Link 4 (portable)

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