Saturday, May 18, 2013

Download Smadav 9.3.1 Pro Free Full Version+License Key 2013

Antivirus, Softcold - SmadAV is antivirus for your computer extra protection, total protection USB stick, and thoroughly cleaning the virus is widespread.

Smadav Rev 2013. 9.3: Addition of new 143 virus database , change the update method and conditions smadav pro upgrade, etc..
Features :
  • Additional protection for your computer, 100% compatible with other antivirus!
  • Best USB Antivirus (Total Protection USB stick)
  • Best for offline use (no need to update too often)
  • Cleaner and tools to clean the virus
Differences " Smadav Free " and " Smadav Pro "

SmadAV Pro has many additional features that do not exist in SmadAV Free, the following additional features that would you get on SmadAV Pro: Automatic Update Online, Faster Scanning, Exception List, Maximize / Resize, Change Color Theme, Admin Password, Profit and Use Permit. You must be a member to get SmadAV Pro. Note: SmadAV Free & Pro has the same detection capabilities. The difference is only on the auto-update feature and other additional features.

For SmadAV Free Users, you have to re-download the latest revision of Smadav 2013 and then open Smadav on your computer and you do not need an internet connection again, there will be a confirmation that SmadAV be updated.

SmadAV Free version does not have the automatic update feature, to get the automatic updates via the internet you have to use the Pro version SmadAV.

If using SmadAV Pro, you no longer need to think because SmadAV automatically update the latest version of Smadav when connected to the internet. SmadAV will continue to be revised in the period usually once a month. You can get news and updates directly to your Facebook to sign up in advance at SmadAV facebook page, click here to apply directly. 
Download here (skip ad)
Link 1

License Key

Enter Red text in Setting tab become SmadAv PRO !
Name : smadav 9.3
key : 995799428842

Note :
to install and open the File(s) you need Archiver!!
don't have Archiver Click Here to Download

to Download Direct to File without Download Accelerator
unselectUse our download manager and get recommended downloads."
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  2. Mr. ROCKEY MAX : Thanks for your offer !!!

    You don't need to Install anything.
    You just :
    1. Open Smadav
    2. Go to Setting, and..
    3. Copy
    - " smadav 9.3 " in the field name then paste
    - " 995799428842 " int the field key then paste
    4. Click Register!!

  3. License Key

    Enter Red text in Setting tab become SmadAv PRO !
    Name : smadav 9.3
    key : 995799428842

    really its working, thank u.......

  4. It was Full Version and 100% working Link smadav pro keygen


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